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This is What Anxiety Feels Like

Sarah Fader is the CEO and Founder of Stigma Fighters, a 501C3 mental health non-profit organization. She lives with panic disorder and this is her podcast.

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    Chicks And ADHD - With Mark Wilson M.D

    As a pediatric and general psychotherapist and psychopharmacologist/psychiatrist, I approach the assessment and care of my clients with depth and breadth, incorporating a systems approach (assessing and treating the systems of school and work, peers, romantic partners, families, parents, etc) as well as an eclectic individual approach based primarily in psychodynamic psychotherapy, but incorporating a number of cognitive-behavioral and relaxation techniques, as well as interpersonal and dialectical behavior therapy techniques. @markwwilsonmd

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    Shame and Anxiety - With Melissa A. Woods

    Melissa A Woods is the author of Getting Past Anxiety, an inspirational novel to reclaim your life (Aviva Publishing, 2017), and published works from the University of Washington Memoir Anthology of Writing (University of Washington, 2013). She holds a BA in Fine Arts with a minor in photography from Seattle University and a certificate of Memoir from the University of Washington. Her passion to help others led to a successful practice as a Licensed Massage Practitioner for over twenty years aiding people with anxiety. “I could relate to the client while on my table,” she has said. “I wanted to help them heal.” Melissa has had personal experiences with anxiety disorder. “I feel people’s pain and I know what it’s like to walk in their shoes,” she said. Her book, Getting Past Anxiety will inspire and motivate the reader to take action to overcome anxiety and reclaim their life. She resides in Los Angeles and Seattle with her family. Follow her on Twitter @Melissa_A_Woods

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    #WorkWithToday With Katie Klaubusich

    We are talking about #WorkWithToday as mental health awareness hashtag that encourages people to share their experiences with embracing the right now. Join us on Twitter sharing what your today is like! Katie Klabusich is a contributing writer for The Establishment and host of The Katie Speak Show on Netroots Radio. Her work can also be found at Rolling Stone, The Toast, Rewire, and Bitch Magazine. Follow her on Twitter: @Katie_Speak.

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    Trying to Get to New York - With Darick Taylor

    Darick is a literary studies major at The New School in NYC, or he hopes to be starting in August 2017. He is a writer and has been featured on Stigma Fighters and the OCH Literary Society. Follow him on Twitter @Taylck

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    Loneliness - With Samara

    It's human to be lonely, yet there is shame in it. We are "supposed" to seek out the company of other humans. I want to address the real feelings of isolation and loneliness without shame or guilt. If you are lonely out there, I salute you.

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    How Do We Get Corporate Sponsors? With Evan Morgenstern

    We haven't gotten a corporate sponsor...yet. In this episode, we speculate on who could potentially give us money. Some options include prescription drug companies, Lindsay Lohan (also welcome to be a guest), Purell, Angry Orchard Cider, and not Wellbutrin.

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    The Misfits- With Brandon Ha

    Brandon Ha is the Creative Director at Break Yo Stigma, a social media campaign focused on breaking the shameful stigma of mental illness. Inspired to create change in the mental health community from his own personal experience living with bipolar disorder, he seeks to end the shame preventing many people all over the world from seeking proper mental health care. Brandon currently collaborates with Bay Area mental health organizations including NAMI Santa Clara County and Stanford Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.

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