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This is What Anxiety Feels Like

Sarah Fader is the CEO and Founder of Stigma Fighters, a 501C3 mental health non-profit organization. She lives with panic disorder and this is her podcast.

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    100 With @FiveSixer Norb Aikin - Be Kind to One Another

    In this episode, I interview an extremely special person, my dear friend Norb Aikin. He is the first author we published at Eliezer Tristan Publishing. His book 100 is a collection of poems that documents Norb's journey from heartbreak to insanity and finally ending at healing.

    Get a copy of 100 on Amazon

    As a Buffalonian who transplanted himself to Cortland, NY, Norb Aikin has been able to up his free-verse game in ways he couldn’t have imagined without a change of scenery. He has since won multiple Quill awards for poetry and blogging and is now hoping to win over the people who hold actual books. Read more at,, and by following him at and Twitter under the username Fivesixer.

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    High Tide Low Tide With @GumOnMyShoeBook and Fran Houston

    How Can You Be a Good Friend, When Your Friend Lives with Mental Illness? We all want to be there for our friends, but when your friend lives with mental illness it can be hard to know what to do, especially if you live far apart. Transatlantic best friends Martin Baker and Fran Houston share what they’ve learned about growing a supportive, mutually rewarding friendship between a “well one” and an “ill one.”

    “High Tide, Low Tide: The Caring Friend’s Guide to Bipolar Disorder” offers no-nonsense advice from the caring friend’s point of view, original approaches and practical tips, illustrated with real-life conversations and examples.

    No One Is Too Far Away to Be Cared for, or to Care

    Support your friend and celebrate each other, whether you live on the same street or oceans apart. Learn the key skills and attitudes you need for a successful caring friendship, and strategies to support your friend through episodes of mania, depression, and suicidal thinking, whilst also taking care of yourself.

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