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This is What Anxiety Feels Like

Sarah Fader is the CEO and Founder of Stigma Fighters, a 501C3 mental health non-profit organization. She lives with panic disorder and this is her podcast.

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    Time Problems With Evan Morgenstern

    Evan and I rush to make an episode happen. There's a hole in my tooth and I don't want to die. Follow him @Evanjm02 everywhere - twitter, facebook or Instagram.

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    Rosh Hashannah Failures

    Evan and I are bad Jews. We also want to create a situation where Evan gets to review Ceasar Salads all across Brooklyn and Manhattan. We discuss male and female razors.

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    Techological MacGyvers With Evan Morgenstern

    Evan and I are across the country from each other. We don't know how many miles because we are Jews. We DO know how to use FaceTime because Skype failed us. Today has been a bad day, except that Evan made it better.

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    Foot Problems and Text-o-Phobia With Evan Morgenstern

    Evan and I talk about texting and when to end a conversation, preferably with emojis, so that it isn't awkward. Evan has an arthritic toe and probably needs surgery. Podiatrist is a magical word. Evan can be found on Twitter @Evanjm02 . Listen to The Virgin Chronicles on iTunes.

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    The Future is Unknown

    Evan and I talk about Northern State, the female rap trio from Long Island. We don't know why, but the people at Warby Parker are obviously all on Prozac.

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